Wood fences are the most common fence installation for residential homes in the US. They offer privacy, security, and are aesthetically pleasing. Scott offers both Treated Pine and Cedar to construct our fences. Scott Fence uses Western Red Cedar which is far better quality than White Cedar or Pine and tends to be more stable when exposed to the natural elements. Treated Pine provides a low cost alternative and is recommended for yards with an abundance of greenery and moisture.

Scott Fence has several installation methods to provide the look and level of security and privacy you desire; we work with our clients to provide a custom look and appeal based on your fence’s function. Need some privacy in a neighborhood? We would most likely recommend a 6′ tall privacy fence. If you live in a rural area with extensive property lines you may opt for a traditional picket fence to help define your space. Whatever the fence’s function or your preferred style, we can further customize its look regarding its height, shape, and other intricacies.

The possibilities are numerous!

Chain Link

Chain link fences are have many benefits, such as, low cost, low maintenance, longevity, ease of installation, and stands strong against the ever changing weather conditions here in Louisiana. All of these benefits make chain link fences a great option for business owners as a means of security and inventory protection with little to no additional expense of upkeep or repair. Chain link fencing is also a budget friendlier alternative to residential customers as opposed to wood, and is great choice for those with animals. Scott carries standardized galvanized and black vinyl coated chain link fences.


Ornamental fencing has risen to the top of popular fence installation for both residential and commercial customers because of its pleasing look and durability. Scott offers both aluminum and steel ornamental fencing as both materials are popular in the Louisiana. Due to harsh weather conditions and humidity, aluminum is popular as it is truly rust resistant. Steel can be coated to have a similar protection from rust, but steel in South Louisiana always has a chance to rust. The advantage of steel is its strength. Want a look and feel that makes your home unique from the others? No Problem. There are options to customize your ornamental fence with finials, rings, scrolls, etc.


Vinyl fencing is another popular fencing product due to its ease of maintenance, durability, & aesthetic value. There are a variety of styles including privacy, picket & rail fence.

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