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How long have you been installing fences?

Scott fence has been in business for over 60 years; we are family owned and operated and have over 35 employees totaling over 500 years of comprehensive experience! We are the largest and most experienced fence contractor in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

Can I purchase fence materials from Scott and install the fence on my own?

Yes! Although our specialty is to install and customize fence options for our customers, we sale fencing supplies to the public. By purchasing supplies from us you ensure you are getting consistent, high quality materials from some of the top vendors.

How long will my fence last?

Scott prides itself on installing high quality fence options with superior workmanship. The longevity of a fence is depended on numerous factors that are not within our control, such as, fence type ( wood, chain link, vinyl,), weather conditions, customer maintenance, etc.

What kind of warranty do I receive when I purchase a fence?

Scott offers a 1 year warranty on wood gate installations; vinyl and ornamental fences have a factory warranty by their respective manufacturer based on product defects and normal usage issues. Unfortunately, as most fence companies, we cannot warrant beyond this as the longevity of a fence is depended on numerous factors that are not within our control. As always, Scott Fence stands behind any issues with our workmanship due to human error.

How much does a fence cost?

The cost of your fence is dependent on the type of fence, customization, and size of area being fenced, which is measured in linear footage. We have several options to meet any budget. Contact Us Today to schedule your free quote.

When can you get started? How long does installation typically take?

Once our quote is accepted by the customer we can typically began work within 7-10 days depending on seasonality. Installation duration is dependent on which type of fence is being installed, the size and complexity of the job, and any delays due to unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions.

How long does it take for a special ordered fence or a custom designed fence?

Typically the turnaround for special ordered fence or a custom designed fence is 30 days.

How far out from Baton Rouge does Scott service?

We service the Greater Baton Rouge area for residential work, but will reach out to Lafayette, New Orleans & the Northshore for large residential jobs, as well as large commercial and industrial jobs.

Does the fence require any maintenance?

Proper maintenance ensures the durability of your fence. Maintenance will vary dependent on which fence material you choose but common maintenance can include keeping fence line clear of weeds and trees, Thompson water sealer, pressure washing, etc.

What factors are included in my quote?

Every job is different. Factors that go into a quote include type of material, quantity of material, ease of access, existing grade conditions, layout of fence, number of gates, location of job, & complexity of design. Get A Quote

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